[Question] Where is "America’s Stonehenge"?

Where is “America’s Stonehenge”?

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…1. Iowa 2. New Hampshire 3. Louisiana 4. South Dakota

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New Hampshire – You don’t have to travel all the way to England to visit Stonehenge — or at least, the American version. Salem, New Hampshire, is home to one of the country’s oldest archeological sites. مراهنات رياضية Also termed “Mystery Hill,” the area doesn’t quite resemble the magnificent ring of standing stones at the original monument, but there are a series of strange stone arrangements, walls, statues, and even an underground stone chamber. الرهان في سباق الخيل And like the original, the intended purpose of the site remains a mystery to this day. Some think the remains are relics from an astronomically-inclined Native American people, while others believe them to be the ruins of an Irish monastery. قانون لعبة البوكر Perhaps when you visit you’ll come up with your own interpretation.:

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