[Question] What does "Nevada" mean in Spanish?

What does “Nevada” mean in Spanish? لعب روليت مجاني

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…1. Snow-covered 2. Desert 3. Mirage 4. Red rocks

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Snow-covered – Even though Nevada is one of the most arid of the fifty states, its name comes from the Spanish word meaning “snow-covered.” Why? The name “Nevada” comes from the mountain peaks on the state’s western border, the Sierra Nevadas, that divide the state from California. When Spanish explorers first reached the area, they named the Sierra Nevadas after a mountain range of the same name in Spain. The name of the new territory was shortened to simply “Nevada” by the time the state entered the Union in 1864. Nevada’s most famous city, Las Vegas, also has a name with Spanish roots, meaning “The Meadows.” :

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