[Question] What does "Europe" mean in Greek?

What does “Europe” mean in Greek?

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…1. Land of Euros 2. Wide-gazing 3. Broad shores 4. Middle earth

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Wide-gazing – Remember the first time you saw Europe? If you could only gaze in astonishment, you’d have something in common with the ancient Greeks. The continent’s name comes from the Greek roots, “eurys” (wide), and “ops” (eye); taken together, they mean “wide-gazing.” This name stems from the continent’s large coast, and some scholars believe “Europe” was used synonymously with “mainland.” This is but one of three major lands into which the ancient Greeks divided the world — the other being Asia and Libya (which contained only northern Africa, as the south had yet to be explored). While there are a few other theories about the origins and etymology of the name Europe, this is the most widely agreed upon theory among scholars.:

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